Use this Solution if you wish to reassign multiple Tenants to a different Tenancy Manager in bulk. 

NOTE: If the Tenancy Manager you will be reassigning the Tenancies to isn't in Chintaro, you will need to add them to the system (Steps 1-2). If the Tenancy Manager you will be reassigning the Tenancies to is in the system, start at step 3.

Adding a new Tenancy Manager to Chintaro

1. From the Home Screen> Tenancies> Tenancy Managers> Add Manager:

2. Enter the relevant information about the Manager in the fields above, and exit the record to save. 

Reassigning multiple Tenants to another Tenancy Manager

3. Click the Tenancy button in the Toolbar to go to the Tenancy Search Screen:

4. Click 'Show All + Vacated'. 

NOTE: This is important as you will want to reassign all Active and Vacated Tenants to the new Tenancy Manager, especially where there are Vacated Tenants paying off an arrears balance.  

5. Filter the Tenancy Search Screen by the Tenancy Manager column, to show the old Manager who will be replaced with the new Manager:

NOTE: You are able to filter other columns such as the Program column if you wish, but it is recommended you filter by the Tenancy Manager column first. 

6. Click the 'Re-assign Tenancy Mgr' button at the top of the screen and a drop down box will appear. Select the new Tenancy Manager that will take over the Tenancies in the filtered screen:

6. Click the 'Re-assign Tenancy Mgr' button again, and Chintaro will appear with a message asking if you're sure you want to reassign:

7. Click Yes and the Tenancies will be reassigned to the new Tenancy Manager: