To transfer a credit amount from a vacated Tenancy to a new Tenancy, you will enter a Debit Rent Adjustment against the vacated Tenancy Record, and then go and add the credit to the new Tenancy Record through a Credit Rent Adjustment. 


1. Open the Vacated Tenancy record, through the Tenancy Search Screen> Click Show All + Vacated> Locate the Vacated Tenancy Record of the Client and double click to open.

2. Note the credit amount in the Tenancy Transactions ledger (in this example, $15.38), and click the Enter Transaction button:

3. Select the transaction type as a DR Rent ADJ (Debit Rent Adjustment), enter the date, amount to transfer and any comments. Click Add. 

4. The balance in the Tenancy Transactions ledger should now be $0.00. 

5. Go back to the Tenancy Search Screen, and locate the active (Current) Tenancy Record. Once you have located the active Tenancy Record, double click on the row of the Tenant to open the screen.

6. Click the Enter Transaction button in the Tenancy Transactions Ledger:

7. Select the transaction type as a CR Rent ADJ (Credit Rent Adjustment). Enter the date, amount of credit you are transferring, and comments. Click Add when completed.

8. The CR Rent Adj transaction will now show in the Tenancy Transactions ledger, and the credit amount will appear in blue: