If a Chintaro user has forgotten their password, the System Administrator has the ability to clear the current password and reset it.

1. To reset a User's password, from the Home Screen, click System Maintenance> Security, and click to highlight the User you want to change the password for, in the Select User column (EG: Annie)

2. Click Change Password

3. Click Clear Password. The Users password will now be cleared.

4. Enter a temporary password for the User in the New Password & Verify fields. Click Apply. You will get a message that the password has been changed.

5. The user will now be able to log in to their Chintaro Account using their temporary password you assigned. After logging on, they will go to System Maintenance> Security and enter the old password, and a new password (in the New Password and Verify fields). Click apply.

6. The password will be changed.