1. You will receive an e-mail with the Advice on Updated Funding Allowances which will contain the following table of rates effective from the Funding Period of July 2015 onwards:  

2. These amounts are shown in weekly rates, per property. You will need to turn these rates in to daily rates for use in Chintaro. For example, for CHP’s with 90 or more properties, the daily rate for the 1st 89 properties is calculated by diving the weekly amount of $26.00 by 7 (26.00 ÷ 7) =

3. Once you have turned the applicable rates in to daily amounts, you will enter this data in to Chintaro through your Preferences screen. From the Home Screen, go in to System Maintenance, Preferences, and click on the SA function at the top of the screen. 

4. Then you will enter the daily rates in to this screen: 

The fields on this screen, and the rates that are applicable are as follows:

GPAG Admin Daily Rate will be 1/7th the weekly rate supplied, for greater than or equal to 90 properties. 

CPAG Admin Daily Rate <90 will be 1/7th the weekly rate supplied for less than 90 properties. 

CPAG Administration Allowance is not used. Capital Value is not used. 

GPAG Maintenance Daily Rate is 1/7th the weekly rate supplied that you wish to add from the Administration Allowance. 

GPAG Maintenance Allowance allows you to add a percentage from the Maintenance Allowance, to the Administration Allowance. For example, if you put 25 in this field, it will take 25% of Maintenance Allowance and add it to the Administration Allowance. Enter this figure as a whole number, not a decimal.

Rent Capping Increase Amount & CPI Rate fields are not used. 

5. To save this information, press the EXIT function at the top of the screen.