Note: Before you reassign a Property/other Properties to another Property Manager, you will need to make sure you have the new Property Manager in Chintaro. Click here to see how to add a new Property Manager.

If you need to reassign a Property Manager (EG if a staff member leaves your Organisation) you can do so from the Property screen. Click the   button in the Toolbar:

1. Filter the Property Manager column to show the Property Manager who is leaving/will be replaced by another Property Manager.

2. Once the screen has been filtered to show only the Property Manager that will be leaving/replaced, click the Re-assign Property Mgr button:

3. A white drop down box will appear, where you will select the Property Manager that the Properties will be reassigned to (the new Property Manager):

4. Click the Re-assign Property Mgr button again.

5. A pop up box will appear, asking if you want to update the (number of) Properties. Click Yes.

6. Another pop up box will appear to confirm the Properties have been assigned to the new Property Manager.

NOTE: You are able to filter the screen by multiple columns (EG Program column, then Property Manager, or vice-versa) if you wish to further filter the screen before reassigning the Property Manager.