From time to time you may find that Rent has been generated incorrectly – usually because Rent has been generated using the wrong rate or the Tenant’s income has changed in some way and needs to be changed. You cannot alter Rent Transactions, however, the system does allow you to reverse those transactions.

1. Identify which transaction you would like to reverse (usually the first one in the list), and note the first day of the rent. It will say something like “Rent from 14/01/2017 to 27/01/2017”. So this rent charge is from 14th January to 27th  January.

2.  If you have used the wrong amount for the room when you generated the incorrect amount, you need to make sure that the rent for that room is still the same incorrect amount. For example if you wrongly generated rent for $200 per week, and it should have been $225.00, you must first make sure the relevant rent amount is $200. If not, click the Edit Rent button and change it (Refer to How to Edit Rent for important tips and what not to do). 

3. Click the Generate Rent button and change the Rent Calculated To date to the day before the rent charge start date. In this example, it is the day before 14/01/2017, so it will be 13/01/2017.

4. Click the Generate button. The Rent charge will be removed. 

5. Click Edit Rent.

6. Enter the correct weekly Rent amount (and other charges if applicable). In this example, Rent will be $225 a week.  

7. Click the Generate Rent button.

8. Click Generate.

9. Click Tenancy Transactions. The correct Rent Charge will now be entered on the Tenant's ledger.