Sometimes we need to vacate a Tenant who is in arrears, and carry the outstanding balance over to their new Tenancy.

1. From the Tenancy Record, click the Vacate button. 

2. Click Yes to the following message:

3. Complete the fields in the Vacating Details screen. Click Vacate.

4. From the Client Search Screen, find the Client Record of the person you just vacated. Double click on the record to open. The Client Record will have the an 'Arrears' warning at the top of the screen:

5. Click the Create Tenancy button:

6. You will be taken to the Tenancy Details screen. Click Select Room and allocate the Client to a Room. Enter Rent Record and enter the Tenancy Start Date. Click Activate.

7. Where arrears exist, the following Carry Over Balance message will be displayed: 

8. Click Yes to activate the Tenancy and transfer the existing balance from the vacated Tenancy to this new Tenancy. 

9.The Tenancy will be activated with a balance owing. If arrears do not exist the Balance will show $0.00: