You are able to delete a Tenancy Record in Chintaro if you have created a Tenancy Record in error, or you have activated a Tenancy in advance but the Tenant chose not to take the Room.

1. From the Tenancy Record, ensure there is only one transaction in the Tenancy Transactions ledger with $0.00 value. This will usually be an opening balance.

If there are no transactions in the Tenancy Transactions ledger (the opening balance has been sent to the Buffer Account), you will need to enter it again by entering a Transaction with the following details:

Transaction Type: Credit

Date: Today's date

Amount: $0

If you have generated rent for the Tenant, send the rent charge(s) to the Buffer Account, but leave the opening balance of $0.00 in the ledger. 

2. Click Vacate. Vacate the Tenant on the same day as the Tenancy Start Date.

Note: You do not need to enter a Reason for Leaving, Exit Point, Vacancy Outcome, No. Bedrooms Exited To or Comments.

3. Exit the Tenancy Record.

4. From the Tenancy Search Screen click Show All + Vacated.

5. Double click the row of the Tenant to open the Tenancy Record.

6. Press the blue Delete button (which previously showed 'Vacate').

7. Click Yes to the warning message asking 'Do you want to delete this Tenancy?'

8. The Tenancy Record will now be deleted.